123 PER CENT                                                                   March 28th 2014

Stale air lingers inside a small room
Making a bad smell, noxious, unrelenting
Pieces of paper are marked with a cross
Carefully folded, then dropped into a wooden box

Commanders claim victory before the count even commences
Statistics are quoted before they come into existence
Percentages rise high from multiple distortions
A rapid execution, no need to wait for official reports

Papers stacked on a desk, a mathematician’s mountain
Heads bent down, furious fingers, creative accounting
A number is thought of, a fairly random approximation
Big enough to justify adding new territory to a nation

Results are announced with almost indecent haste
The leader of the land lets a smile crawl on to his face
History’s hourglass tilts, boundaries shift, stolen sand
The people have voted to be part of the Motherland

According to the records, a majority of 93 percent
Got caught, gave their land away as a present
Then the calculations are exposed as a sham
123 percent said yes, in a rigged vote, a political scam


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